Policy Positions


Arkansas is home to some of the world’s best and biggest companies, like Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt Trucking.  The one thing that each of these companies share is a need to move products effectively, efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, our leaders in Washington, DC have kicked the can down the road when it comes to making significant and meaningful investments in infrastructure.  On day one, Josh will work with members of both parties to create an Infrastructure Bank so that we can begin to rebuild America.

Access to High-Speed Broadband Internet is vital to the economic prosperity of any community, but not every Arkansan has access to what has become an essential service.  When the most reliable source of Wi-Fi in rural communities is a fast food restaurant, it becomes obvious that job attraction and educational attainment are going to be out of reach for folks on the plowed ground and in our small communities.  Josh is committed to bringing high-speed internet to every corner of Arkansas so that they have the ability to compete.

Looking to the future, we need to diversify our energy portfolio. That means looking to grow our sustainable energy industry.  Arkansas has a burgeoning solar industry that will provide the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. Our workers who are building and installing panels are shaping a new energy frontier that will allow people to have greater control over the cost to heat and cool their homes.  Renewable energy is also good for our environment, and as companies and Boards of Directors look to invest in these sustainable energy options, Arkansas has an opportunity to be an industry leader. Jobs in the renewable energy industry are not only sustainable for the planet, but also for the worker.  As America becomes less reliant on older forms of energy, the job market in solar, wind and hydro power will offer long-term employment for thousands of Arkansans.

"I believe that Arkansas needs a strong voice in Washington that fights for the people and not special interests. I will fight for wages that are equal to our hard work, make sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue an education that will bring them prosperity where they live, and insure that no person has to choose between feeding their family or paying for healthcare. I plan to continue taking this message across Arkansas so that every Arkansan has the ability to reach for their own American dream."