Policy Positions

Healthcare Policy

Healthcare is a basic human right that every Arkansan and American should be able to obtain, afford and use. The Affordable Care Act allowed thousands of Arkansans the ability to gain coverage, many of them for the first time. This was a huge step forward for families and individuals who were previously denied coverage because they had a pre-existing condition or just couldn’t afford it. While much progress has been made, there is still more work to be done. In just the last year, more than 18,000 Arkansans have seen their healthcare taken away, and Tom Cotton supports proposals and lawsuits that could result in millions of Arkansans losing their access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Josh believes that universal coverage is necessary so that all Americans have the security of a healthcare system that works for them. Nobody in Arkansas should have to choose between going to the doctor and putting food on the table. Josh would fight to keep the strongest aspects of the ACA, include a public option through Medicare and create a system where private insurance is still available and will remain unchanged for those who choose to stay on their employer-provided plan.

Our healthcare system is too expensive, too confusing and too focused on bottom lines. Far too many Americans are dying every year because the focus is on profits and not people. Josh wants to change that by rewarding preventive care practices, making prescription drugs more affordable and requiring doctors and hospitals to be transparent when it comes to costs, so that you know how much you will pay for care. And we must make an investment in medical research to promote new treatments for cancer, dementia and other debilitating diseases.

"I believe that Arkansas needs a strong voice in Washington that fights for the people and not special interests. I will fight for wages that are equal to our hard work, make sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue an education that will bring them prosperity where they live, and insure that no person has to choose between feeding their family or paying for healthcare. I plan to continue taking this message across Arkansas so that every Arkansan has the ability to reach for their own American dream."