Policy Positions

Education Policy

Without opportunity, there can be no Amercan dream. And without education, there can be no opportunity. Josh Mahony takes that to heart. Josh knows that when you invest in education, you can change the trajectory of not just one person, but a city, a state and a nation. When folks are priced out of an education or dollars don’t go to the classroom or job training isn’t available in the community you call home, the door to the global economy slams shut.

Josh believes that we should make two-year community college free for anyone who wants to further their education. States across the country have embraced this policy and are reaping the rewards of a better trained and educated workforce. And for Arkansans who want to learn or advance their skills in a trade or craft, there should be vocational academies with credit-bearing skills in areas that are in need of skilled trade and labor.

Education has to be affordable, and we must put an end to profiteering in the student loan industry. There needs to be a cap on loan interest rates that reflects the financial realities facing borrowers. That means either no interest or low interest loans should be encouraged and rewarded. There needs to be a real solution for borrowers who are covered up in debt by creating a loan forgiveness program through a payback plan for community or civic engagement, national service or in high-demand job sectors.

"I believe that Arkansas needs a strong voice in Washington that fights for the people and not special interests. I will fight for wages that are equal to our hard work, make sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue an education that will bring them prosperity where they live, and insure that no person has to choose between feeding their family or paying for healthcare. I plan to continue taking this message across Arkansas so that every Arkansan has the ability to reach for their own American dream."