About Josh

Josh Mahony is a native Arkansan, non-profit leader and small business owner. Born on a farm in El Dorado, Josh learned the values of hard work and discipline as well as the importance of looking out for his neighbors and community.

Josh has continued this commitment to service through his work with The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund and The Ozark Literary Council. He secured millions of dollars in grant money to help thousands of students get an education and for non-native speakers to learn the English language.

As a small business owner of a natural resources company, Josh knows the challenges facing entrepreneurs and local businesses. From rising healthcare costs to attracting and retaining a skilled workforce to having to watch billion-dollar companies get tax breaks while mom and pop shops get crumbs, Josh knows that Arkansas and America have to do more to ensure these small businesses can grow and thrive in the communities where they are.

In 2018, Josh took the leap into electoral politics. Running in the most Republican Congressional district in the state, Josh made positive gains for the Democratic Party during the race by adding 17,000 more voters to support the Democratic candidate and energizing and engaging the activist base in a demographically changing part of the state.

Since the election, Josh has continued working to build a better Arkansas. He is founder and Chairman of the New Leaders Council – Arkansas Chapter, which looks to recruit and train progressive millennial leaders that will one day be the next candidates, political entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders of Arkansas.

"I believe that Arkansas needs a strong voice in Washington that fights for the people and not special interests. I will fight for wages that are equal to our hard work, make sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue an education that will bring them prosperity where they live, and insure that no person has to choose between feeding their family or paying for healthcare. I plan to continue taking this message across Arkansas so that every Arkansan has the ability to reach for their own American dream."